Blackberry 10 Apps

During a around a year, I developed for Blackberry 10 Apps. Those apps are small games that I proposed for Blackberry Port a ton events. I also went to Blackberry Jam Europe in 2013 in Amsterdam.


This is a simple Minesweeper game, just train your brain on this game that wastes time for many people! Find all the mines without blowing by placing a flag.

Playbook Blackberry 10


Your ship is traveling across an asteroid field. Help the crew to avoid colliding with an asteroid by tilting your device up and down. You can also destroy the rocks by shooting them. In Asteroid, you must stay alive as long as you can by exploding asteroids. Your live is on your hands !

Blackberry 10


The Sokoban is a reflexion game where you must put boxes on specific areas but you can only push them. You must think of the strategy to adopt to be sure to not be stuck. This game is simple at the beginning but the difficulty increases with the level.

Blackberry 10

Magic Numbers

Let’s think about a number and your phone will guess it ! It’s really easy, you have to think about a number and then answer a few questions and your pone will guess your number. If you’re smart maybe, you can understand the trick and become a real magician !

Blackberry 10